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About Corowa Seeds

We are a mid-sized dryland and irrigated broad acre farming business, that produces high quality pasture seed and grains.

Our Services


Commercial scale pasture seed production. Breeders seed multiplication. In house processing and packaging to OECD standards. Production secured by irrigation for both winter and summer crop opportunities. Wholesale seed sales.


Seed grain production. Grains / oilseeds / pulses. Supply of commercial quantities of milling and feed grains.

Ag Contracting

Corowa Seeds has scope to provide broadacre grain services with the use of current technologies and best practises. A range of modern Grain/Ag services are avaliable on request.

Seed Production

Proven Track Record

Corowa Seeds has a long association with many large seed companies and a proven track record of commercial seed production. With contract production of both PBR and public varieties including the ability to process and package, our location has easy access to all markets across Australia. Corowa Seeds produces a range of public pasture seed varieties that are avaliable for wholesale.

All Stages of Production and Packaging at One Place

For more than 30 years Corowa Seeds has a proven track record of successful multiplication of breeders seed in lots of 1-5 kgs through to commercial scale production. With an in house accredited processing facility customers have the advantage of all stages of production and packaging taking place at the one location.

Assured Water Supply

Production areas are serviced by multiple centre pivot sites across a range of soil types. Water supplies are underpinned by both underground and river sources assuring water reliability in low rainfall years.

Our History

Robert Andrew Black purchased the property ‘Glenlea’ north west of Corowa in the riverina region of southern NSW in 1926 after moving south from Kingaroy in central Queensland. Robert and his family ran ‘Glenlea’ as a mixed farm and by the early 1930’s had become a supplier of quality seed grains for the local area.

Decades later, and with new opportunities in seed production, particularly production and processing of pasture seeds, the business name Corowa seeds was registered in the 1970’s by Robert black’s grandson, Russell Black who by then owned ‘Glenlea’ with his wife Janet.

With a mixed farming system still in place, seed production opportunities continued to arise with production of a wide range of pasture seed, grass seeds, oil seeds, cereal grains, as well as grain legumes. During this period of increased volume of seed production, an accredited seed cleaning facility was built and installed at Glenlea to not only cater for Corowa Seeds production but also cleaning a variety of seed from a large radius of southern NSW and Northern Victoria. With continued increases in volumes produced over time, an emphasis on 'in house' seed production and cleaning became more of a focus, in particular, Corowa Seeds prides itself in breeder’s seed multiplication of sub clover varieties.

In recent years Corowa Seeds has seen continued growth in production areas with the purchase of adjoining land and lease hold. Security of production has also been greatly increased with the installation and development of centre pivot irrigation supplied by both river and underground bores.
Today Corowa Seeds management is now primarily run by Russell and Janet’s’ sons, Anthony and Grant, with the help of their wives Michelle and Rowena.
As a member of Australian Seed federation, Corowa Seeds has a reputation amongst the seed industry as being one of continued involvement based on reliable production and supply of high quality agricultural seeds.
With an ideal climate, balance of soil types and security of production with irrigation, Corowa Seeds remains a valuable asset to seed companies seeking production of seeds to a high quality.

Business & Contact Details

Anthony & Michelle Black

P: 02 6035 3825
M: 0427 933 481
"Glenlea", 121 Glenlea Rd
Corowa, NSW 2646

Grant & Rowena Black

P: 02 6035 3860
M: 0428 353 860
"Redlands" RMB 608,
Corowa, NSW 2646

Postal Address

‘Glenlea’ Glenlea Rd,
Corowa, NSW 2646

Trading Details: R.W.Black & Sons / Corowa Seeds

ABN: 71 971 825 811

Accounting Address

Corowa Seeds

Direct Deposit:

BSB 082406
ACC 774483747